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Are you interested in performing at the Phoenix sessions?

This is a taster session to present an eclectic range of great undiscovered music to real music fans and industry. 

We are always looking for acts that are unsigned, professional, and deserve a bigger audience.

All our acts so far have contained an acoustic element, sound great, and are lovely to listen to, but are edgy, not too commercial. 

Click below - it will take you to a form, which should only take a minute or two of your time - Most important is for us to see what you sound like live - so the form will ask you for a a video of you performing one of your songs live - we are not interested in the video content, we want to get a good idea of your live performance with the instruments/personnel  you plan to perform with. 


What we offer:

- content: video, audio, and photos*

- great sound, and exclusive venue

- audience (we ask you to help with promotion but don't have any "butts on seats" rules)

- opportunity to be on radio + podcast + live recording of podcast 

- real exposure to music industry peeps - last time: 4 record label reps, a publisher, a professional TV producer, promoters and bloggers were in the audience. 

- we pay our acts, with a 1 in 5 opportunity to get a production deal to produce a single/EP with Music Mandi and we will produce a pro music video of one of your songs.


*The content produced (live recordings, video footage) is owned by Music Mandi/Phoenix Sessions, but not the rights to the songs. This helps cover our expenses and hopefully we will be able to do more Phoenix Sessions across the world - and exchange musicians between cities!  

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